THROWBACK THURSDAY: Kris and Marje’s Banana Bread

Back in February of 2010, I had just returned from 120 days at sea in the Persian Gulf and I decided to spend a little time in my birth state of Connecticut. After 4 months of hopping around port cities in the desert, I guess a little New England winter was exactly what I needed in my life before heading back to Florida. While I was in Connecticut, Kris made some of her banana bread from a recipe that was given to her by her mother Marge. The bread comes out sweet, moist, perfect to spread a bunch of butter or cream cheese on and makes me wish it was February 2010 and I was sitting in Connecticut all over again.

La Buena Vida

It’s good to be back in Connecticut, except for fact that its freezing here!  Last week I got stuck in a snowstorm during the ride from New York on a snowcaked Merritt Parkway. The Parkway was closed after a crash and I decided to try my luck on backroads. During the  adventure, I witnessed accidents, abandoned cars in snowbanks and converted to Islam, Christianity along with a few other fringe religions. With the help of my prayers to various Gods, I made it home after a four-hour car ride that should have been a one hour drive. It was a fitting welcome back to the Northeast.

Another upside to being home is Kris’s baking. I don’t bake much but I have wanted to get some baked goods on here. Kris does a lot of baking and she is great at it. This morning I woke up just as she was about to start baking a Banana Bread from a recipe that her mother Marge used to make and here it is.



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