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Easy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

We were watching the Food Network last week and saw someone cook a pizza in a cast iron skillet. Ever since then Serena has been hounding me to try it in ours. A couple of days ago we decided to give it a shot. You may be lucky enough to live near a good pizza […]

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Pulled Pork Pizza with Sriracha Sauce

Anyone that knows me, understands how much I dig pulled pork. My passion for pulled pork forces me to invent different ways to use the left overs. I have discussed this wonderful dilemma on a previous post PULLED PORK ENCHILADAS AND OTHER SOLUTIONS TO LEFTOVER PULLED PORK. Well here is my latest pulled pork brainstorm: INGREDIENTS […]

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Pie Pushers – Food Truck

Last week I caught up with the Pie Pushers food truck for lunch at  RTP Headquarters. The slice was a pretty good, thin crust. I thought it was a tad on the expensive side at $4 a slice (sausage, mushrooms and onions) but I definitely didn’t walk away feeling cheated. To find out where Pie Pushers will be slinging […]

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With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, all week I will be highlighting some ideas for your game day eats, here’s one: Homemade Pizza Last weekend I decided to step up from the Boboli crust and make my own. In the baking section I found the “Fleishschmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast” and the directions on the back […]

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Joe’s Pizzeria – A Small Town Staple

    When I come home to Connecticut one of my first stops is to Joe’s Pizzeria on Locust Ave in New Canaan. Sure I may be a touch biased because I have been eating there since I could chew solid food. Or it could be that I grew up with owner/pizza sculptor Lorenzo Colella. […]

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Prosciutto, Basil and Olive Pizza

Well here it goes, my first blog entry about  food. As some of you may know,  my day job is as a sailor and I have spent countless hours looking out from the bridge of a ship thinking about food. Wondering things like “why I have never seen anyone fry ribs? How many things you could do with pulled pork? Or what places […]

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