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Carolina Raised Pork Bellies Meet Momofuku

Adapted from the Momofuku Cookbook by David Chang After a photo shoot at Yellow Wolf Farm, owner Stacy Martin sent me home with a cooler full meat that included some tasty pork bellies. Although I had eaten and drooled over them many times, I had never actually prepared it myself. For advice, I went to the all-knowing oracle “Google,” […]

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Ramen Wednesday at Rose's Meat and Sweet Shop (December/ Durham, NC)

Ramen Wednesday at Rose’s Meat and Sweet

“Passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or a thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.” What I really appreciate about taking pictures of someone performing their craft, is the ability to capture someone’s passion for what they are doing in that moment. Last […]

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Whole Hog Butchery at Yellow Wolf Farm / Part 2

This is part two of the post about Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop’s Whole Hog Butchery Class. To see part one of click here As Justin previously explained, the group in the kitchen would start with the shoulder, the group in the dining room would handle the loin/belly and the group in the living […]

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3 tacos

NanaTaco – Pork Belly? Hog Jawls? Lamb Cheeks? Smoked Duck?

A couple  weeks ago we finally made it to NanaTaco in Durham for lunch. After tasting their tostadas at the Seed’s Harvest Dinner I knew it was a priority to get involved. Walking into Nanataco you can immediately tell it’s not your standard neighborhood taqueria, after looking at the menu it becomes even more obvious. Nana’s […]

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