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No Light / No Dark – The Carrack

For the last couple of months I have been contributing to the Durham-based Clarion Content. In addition to being another outlet for my writing, photography and videos, it has also been an opportunity for me to swap ideas with some pretty sharp people and end up in some places that I might not normally happen […]

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Hey Pocky Way – Mardi Gras in Durham

Now that I have a little one running around I always appreciate when someone throws a party that is kid friendly without being kid centric. Where there is great food, cold beer and loud music so if your kid starts throwing a fit, its simply drowned out by the sweet sounds of a guitar, horns […]

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A Conversation with 9th Wonder: Durham to Harvard Fellow

At the start of this year I began thinking about what I wanted from this blog and what I wanted to accomplish this year. The blog being called La Buena Vida “The Good Life”, I reaffirmed that I wanted to use this site to express how I live what I consider to be a “good […]

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