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Empire State South – Modern Approach / Southern Cuisine

On a lay-over and missed flight earlier this month I finally had a chance to see a little more of Atlanta than its massive airport that I transit through every 28 days. I have always been impressed with the food at Hartsfield-Jackson International and so I was excited about the opportunity to take the MARTA train downtown to see […]

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RIbye Ditka's

Less than 24 Hours in the the Windy City: Chicago

After spending just a few hours in Chicago we started to suspect the Chicago Department of Tourism of planting actors throughout the city to keep up airs of Midwest charm and friendliness. Right off the bat, on the way from the airport we ran into a lady working the toll booth who was what Serena […]

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famous bread pudding

Street Cars, Congo Square and Bread Pudding

Previous New Orleans Post: You Say Muffaletta, I Say Muffalatta Ride the St. Charles Street Car When we finished eating lunch it was still raining. Determined to not let some gray skies and soggy ground dampen our trip, we took refuge on a trolley headed towards the Garden District. The future of this system looked […]

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Grilled Cheese - Geer st

Catheters, Pimento Grilled Cheese and Bill Smith

We all live different lives but if there is one thing we can all agree on it is that some days are more challenging  than others. Our day started at Duke University Children’s Hospital holding my nine month old son as doctors prodded him with needles for an IV. If that wasn’t bad enough, I […]

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Creme Brûlée

Bacon on Donuts and Chicken Fried Steak on a Biscuit means Good Morning – Rise

For  four weeks the power of Facebook marketing showed its strength. With a simple click of a “Like” button, everyday I received two new pictures in my news feed from Rise – Biscuit and Donuts. One picture I received was their daily biscuit menu and the other, their fresh made donut menu. Every morning for […]

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Pistachio on Pizza, Good Move or Epic Fail? Pizzeria Toro

Try This: Onion + Pistachio Pizza – Pizzeria Toro I don’t know about you, but I have never tasted a pizza with pistachios on it. I also have never tasted a pizza draped with tallegio cheese either. These are combinations I couldn’t even begin to daydream about it, but I have come to expect such […]

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Victoria Grill – Brazilian Churrasco Meat Battle

Rua Doutora Odette Braga Furtado, 150 – Enseada do Sua,  Vitoria, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil Phone: (27) 3345-0888  Website: I am a big time meat lover so it doesn’t take a high IQ to deduce that I would love the concept of a Brazilian BBQ. What self respecting meat-aholic wouldn’t  love to sit at a […]

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big city sign

Big City Sandwiches – The New Orleans

I caught up with Big City Sandwiches last weekend at the Durham’s Farmers market. BCS prides itself on making specialty sandwiches featuring farm fresh produce, homemade condiments and sides, fresh deli meats all stuffed inside local artisan breads. BCS niche is bringing unique sandwiches from various big cities to the streets of the Triangle. BCS is […]

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Lilly’s Pizza

810 W. Peabody Street Durham, NC     What We Ate: Thai Bhat – Homemade thai curry sauce, all natural grilled chicken, roasted garlic, chili pepper, baby corn, straw mushroom, organic carrots, sharp cheddar, parmesan, fresh ginger and scallions.  I love Thai food and curry so I was a big fan of this pizza, the […]

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Lynnwood Grill

WHAT WE HAD: Chicken Salad Sandwich – Pretty good sandwich, liked the chicken salad but felt it need a little more flavor which was an easy fix with the salt and pepper shaker. Nice toasted bun and a slice of melted cheese on top Hot Ham and Cheese & Chicken Tortilla Soup – Great sandwich, I […]

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