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Vitoria Clay Bowls-13

Paneleiras de Goiabeiras (Clay Pot Craftswomen from Goiabeiras)

Vitoria, Brazil In my past couple years of traveling to Vitoria, Brazil, I have had the opportunity to enjoy a few steaming pots of a fish laden stew called Moqueca. I finally had a chance to visit the place where the pots that Moqueca are cooked and served in are made. I was dropped off on a dusty road next to a long […]

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Brazilian Street Eats: Coxinha (Little Thigh)

You can find these filling finger eats just about everywhere in Brazil. I found these at a food stand called Cafe Paris in the Vitoria Hospital while waiting to get a yearly physical done for work and an open air food stand in downtown Vitoria. The are called coxinha which translate to mean “little thigh” […]

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Moquecas aka Brazilian Fish Stew

My multi-continent commute to work  started like every other one, RDU to ATL, ATL to GRU. The GRU to VOL (Sao Paolo to Vitoria) is where things departed from the regular script. Instead of landing, a few hundred feet from the ground the pilot decided something wasn’t kosher and gunned it back up to 30,000 […]

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vitoria sheraton

See, Eat and Drink Vitoria, Brazil

I have been traveling to Vitoria for a few months now. I only get one day at a time at this Brazilian Coastal city before I head offshore but in that day I attempt to eat, drink and see all I can. I put this video together to try to give you a quick glimpse […]

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More Food and Beer on a Beach – Vitoria, Brazil

The action plan after touching down in Vitoria, Brazil is the same every month and easy to remember. 1. Drop the bags at the hotel and change into shorts 2. Find the beach 3. Find a place on the beach that has beer 4. Find a place on the beach that has food. 5. Rinse […]

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Victoria Grill – Brazilian Churrasco Meat Battle

Rua Doutora Odette Braga Furtado, 150 – Enseada do Sua,  Vitoria, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil Phone: (27) 3345-0888  Website: I am a big time meat lover so it doesn’t take a high IQ to deduce that I would love the concept of a Brazilian BBQ. What self respecting meat-aholic wouldn’t  love to sit at a […]

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Calabresa w/ Bata Bravas and Devassa

As I mentioned in my previous post about Vitoria, every month my commute to and from work takes me between North Carolina and off-shore Brazil. On my way to work I get one over night in the coastal city of Vitoria. As soon as we get to the hotel I throw on shorts and flips-flops […]

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ccnut tree

Vitoria, Brazil

Population: 330.526 (2011) Every four weeks on my way to and from my job on a drillship off the coast of Brazil I get a little bit of time in the City of Vitoria. Still learning this city and where the great food is tucked away at but got out yesterday before the rain and took a few shots around the bay. […]

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Seu Adonias – Macae, Brazil

I have only been to Macae, Brazil two times but have already managed to find a favorite restaurant, Seu Adonias. Seu Adonias sits right across from Cavalerios Beach and has yet to dissapoint me. Above is one of the most interesting and delicious dishes I have eaten in a while, called Brave Miner or Mineirrinho Valente for my […]

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