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Spritz Cookies LBV-10

Spritz Cookies After Christmas

Spritzgeback is a German cookie that is traditionally made around Christmas time. The good news is that if you decided you  wanted to make them in January or July they will still be delicious and you won’t be violating any international treaties. They are simple and you could make them for any occasion and just […]

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Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

First I have to apologize for my extended absence from the blogosphere. Its been a busy last two weeks and then my computer contracted a virus (this will teach me not to ignore alerts for updates to my virus protection). For those that my not know, last weekend was Independence Weekend. And if you don’t know about February 20th, I […]

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Capn Crunch French Toast and Snow Days

Since I am no longer skipping classes at New Canaan High School and in the middle of a 3 month weekend, pending snow days don’t have the same meaning as the did back in the day.  I love living in Florida. I love  the heat and sun that comes along with the zip code but […]

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Cinnamon Rolls and Somali Pirates

Day 31 on the Maersk Arkansas Last April we were all captivated by the drama that unfolded off Somalia when the Maersk Alabama was attacked by pirates and the Captain taken hostage. With this in mind, naturally there was app rehension when the job for its sister ship the Maersk Arkansas came up. Did I really […]

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Maersk Donuts


Day 72 on the Maersk Arkansas I am not sure why, but I have noticed that I tend to have more dreams while at sea. So far most of them have been good dreams but last night I had a frightening nightmare that I was still married. I am not sure what brought it on but […]

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