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Porkcentric NC BBQ Dinner at Cookery

Toro Dreams of Billy:  Billy Cotter thinks of barbecue and puts his thoughts onto the plate Benefiting Meals on Wheels of Durham Monday, January 13th at The Cookery 2 seatings: 6:00pm and 8:30pm Tickets are $35 Please bring non-perishable food donations along with your ticket (see below for details)! If you are a vegetarian, you may […]

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Pimento Cheese BLT from the Original Q Shack. (September/Durham, NC)

Eat This: Pimento Cheese BLT / The Original “Q” Shack

I am a creature of habit and often times slow to eat from a place outside of my regular rotation. I realize this is not the most productive trait of someone who claims to be a food blogger but its something I am working on. This is the only excuse I could muster for why […]

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Victoria Grill – Brazilian Churrasco Meat Battle

Rua Doutora Odette Braga Furtado, 150 – Enseada do Sua,  Vitoria, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil Phone: (27) 3345-0888  Website: http://www.churrascariavictoriagrill.com.br I am a big time meat lover so it doesn’t take a high IQ to deduce that I would love the concept of a Brazilian BBQ. What self respecting meat-aholic wouldn’t  love to sit at a […]

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So far I am enjoying the little bit I have seen of Singapore but as the case in any foreign city there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Sure, there are the obvious things you shouldn’t do in Singapore like spit your gum in the street which is good for a $200 fine. Vandalizing cars can win […]

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T-Bones BBQ Ribs – BACK TO SEA

Its that time of year again, the smell of fresh cut grass, that cool fall breeze and grown men ramming  into each other head first causing untold amounts of brain damage every weekend. FOOTBALL SEASON, our favorite stars will take a break from shooting themselves in the leg, running over people with $200,000 cars (while drunk) […]

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