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Elevation Burger – Worth the Lofty Price Tag?

Elevation Burger / Raleigh, North Carolina Next month is National Burger Month and I will be out at sea, which means I will most likely go the full month without a decent burger so I am celebrating in April. I will report back on my findings in May, so let me know what your favorite […]

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Seaboard Maggie

Pistachio Chicken Salad for the Soul at Seaboard Cafe

I arrived at Logan’s Trading Company in Raleigh shortly after 9:00 a.m. on a chilly Monday morning. Logan’s is an indoor and outdoor garden center housed in a long red brick building that could pass as a town hall of some old country town. Pillars below a triangle Greek style pediment flank the entrance and […]

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Gouge Wrestling March 13

Eat Food From Trucks and Watch Grown Men Get Slapped in the Face: Gouge Wrestling @ Rebus Works

WHAT TO DO IN RDU: A food truck rodeo and low budget wrestling? This is my idea of a good time, 11 food trucks and GOUGE Champ Mickey Gambino. Ok I have no idea who Mickey Gambino is but I am in anyway. They had one of these at Rebus a couple months ago and […]

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Lynnwood Grill

WHAT WE HAD: Chicken Salad Sandwich – Pretty good sandwich, liked the chicken salad but felt it need a little more flavor which was an easy fix with the salt and pepper shaker. Nice toasted bun and a slice of melted cheese on top Hot Ham and Cheese & Chicken Tortilla Soup – Great sandwich, I […]

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Day Trip 06 – Farm Living: Bailey, Kenly, Wilson, Farmville, Greenville, Tarboro         September 11, 2010 PART I: Bailey, Kenly and Wilson / 151 miles travelled $16.42 – Gas $6.00 –  Cast Iron Skillet (Brenda’s Furniture & Antiques) $8.00 –  Admission (2) Country Doctor’s Museum $13.00 – Lunch at Bill’s Barbecue and Chicken […]

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