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With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, all week I will be highlighting some ideas for your game day eats, here’s one: Homemade Pizza Last weekend I decided to step up from the Boboli crust and make my own. In the baking section I found the “Fleishschmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast” and the directions on the back […]

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a man who loves pork in all of its glory and forms; bacon, ham sausage, ribs, cracklin even the stuff Canadians call bacon is cool with me (okay well you can keep pigs feet, snout and chitterlings). One of my favorites is pulled pork (also known as […]

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Kris and Marje’s Banana Bread

It’s good to be back in Connecticut, except for fact that its freezing here!  Last week I got stuck in a snowstorm during the ride from New York on a snowcaked Merritt Parkway. The Parkway was closed after a crash and I decided to try my luck on backroads. During the  adventure, I witnessed accidents, abandoned cars in snowbanks and converted to Islam, Christianity along with a […]

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Prosciutto, Basil and Olive Pizza

Well here it goes, my first blog entry about  food. As some of you may know,  my day job is as a sailor and I have spent countless hours looking out from the bridge of a ship thinking about food. Wondering things like “why I have never seen anyone fry ribs? How many things you could do with pulled pork? Or what places […]

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