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Eat This: Rise – Fried Chicken Biscuit

Rise Biscuits and Donuts prides itself on having a wide selection of fresh made biscuit combinations ranging from fried egg and rabbit stew, egg salad with bacon, braised beef short ribs to butternut squash. The menu rotates daily and there is always something guaranteed to be saliva inducing and I am not even talking about […]

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Suffolk Ham from Rose's Meats and Sweets. Dry cured with salt, soaked in a marinade of black beer, molasses and spices

My View of Christmas 2013

Life going to sea, I have come to accept one thing, if I miss a holiday one year I can look forward to being home for it next year and visa versa. Its not perfect, but it adds a certain level of predicability to my life. If I plan to be away for a holiday […]

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3 tacos

NanaTaco – Pork Belly? Hog Jawls? Lamb Cheeks? Smoked Duck?

A couple  weeks ago we finally made it to NanaTaco in Durham for lunch. After tasting their tostadas at the Seed’s Harvest Dinner I knew it was a priority to get involved. Walking into Nanataco you can immediately tell it’s not your standard neighborhood taqueria, after looking at the menu it becomes even more obvious. Nana’s […]

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peppers and rice

Castlemaine Farm – Stuffed Poblano Pepper

DURHAM FARMERS MARKET 501 Foster Street Durham, North Carolina Saturdays: 8-12 Wednesdays: 3:30-6:30    As often as possible I like to take advantage the numerous farmers markets in the area. The fresh produce and meeting the people face to face that grow them motivates me to come home and whip something up. Produce: Poblano Peppers […]

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Valentine’s Day varies in meaning in different parts of the world, from Finland where they celebrate “Friends Day” to Iran where printing and distributing anything promoting the holiday has been banned because they feel it opposes Islamic values. That may be a nice little tidbit for those who go through the trouble of getting in […]

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Ok fellas, Valentine’s Day is a few days away and regardless of the constant flood of commercials from candy, flower and teddy bear pushers this may be your first time hearing about it. Don’t fear because I am going to let you in on my secret tool that is going to help make your Valentine’s […]

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