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SUPERBOWL IDEAS : Boiled Peanuts

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, all week I will be highlighting some ideas for your game day eats, here’s one: BOILED PEANUTS Many people north of the mason-dixie line have never had or heard of boiled peanuts. I would even say that many people in south aren’t very familiar with them as well. The practice of boiling […]

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When you don’t want to go through the trouble of cooking, nothing beats a good meaty Italian style sandwich on game day. Why bother going out to buy one when you can easily make one as good as your local deli or subway. The key is quality ingredients, so head to the deli section of […]

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T-Bones BBQ Ribs – BACK TO SEA

Its that time of year again, the smell of fresh cut grass, that cool fall breeze and grown men ramming  into each other head first causing untold amounts of brain damage every weekend. FOOTBALL SEASON, our favorite stars will take a break from shooting themselves in the leg, running over people with $200,000 cars (while drunk) […]

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