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Sunrise pg3

Sunset at Sea

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On display was artwork from dozens of local and national artists which were created and submitted in response to the record itself. Each piece of art will have a limited run of cassettes bearing the artist’s work.

No Light / No Dark – The Carrack

For the last couple of months I have been contributing to the Durham-based Clarion Content. In addition to being another outlet for my writing, photography and videos, it has also been an opportunity for me to swap ideas with some pretty sharp people and end up in some places that I might not normally happen […]

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Bacon Flag lbv

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

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Down Bourbon Street

Adrien de Pauger  designed the city’s street layout. He named the streets after French royal houses and Catholic saints. Bourbon Street paid homage to France’s ruling family, the House of Bourbon. This might come as a surprise to those who think its called Bourbon Street because most people are stumbling drunk when they are there. […]

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enlightened grain jwkpec

Farm Meets the Sophisticated City Culinary Palate -JWKPEC Photography

So you think you need a state of the art studio to take professional grade photographs? Jason Kaumeyer of JWKPEC Photography gives us a behind the scene look at amazing shots taken in an apartment for his client Enlighten Grain Spirit’s flavored Vodka. Four lights were used for these shots. One huge fill light, one […]

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The Larry Flint and Hugh Hefner of Food Pornograpghy: JWKPEC Photography

I am nowhere near a professional photographer, this is quite evident to me every time I am brave enough to venture outside the automatic functions of my fancy smancy camera. I accept that I am one of those people that buys equipment that I am not quailified to operarate, but do it anyway because […]

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six soups

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop – Japanese Chicken Dinner

Last Wednesday I had the chance to watch Katie and Justin Meddis of Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop host a five course dinner at the King’s Daughter Inn. Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop does not have a home in Durham yet, but that has not stopped Katie and Justin from letting Durhamites sample […]

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN / Ganyard Hill Farm, Durham NC

I am Overseas this Halloween but before I left we got little bit of Halloween at Ganyard Hill Farm in Durham. If you missed them before Halloween don’t fret, they are still open after the 31st. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!

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The Anatomy of a Sunday

Sunday, a day named after the sun and in many religions, the day set aside for worshiping “god”. I like to take the day to appreciate the rays of the sun and only a few things are needed to make up the “Anatomy of a Sunday”: – Ice cold mugs from the freezer – Cold beer to go in above mug – […]

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