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Carolina Raised Pork Bellies Meet Momofuku

Adapted from the Momofuku Cookbook by David Chang After a photo shoot at Yellow Wolf Farm, owner Stacy Martin sent me home with a cooler full meat that included some tasty pork bellies. Although I had eaten and drooled over them many times, I had never actually prepared it myself. For advice, I went to the all-knowing oracle “Google,” […]

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Whole Hog Butchery at Yellow Wolf Farm / Part 1

Ever wonder what can bring farmers, a surgeon, ex-vegetarians, an oil field worker, chef and restaurant owner all together on a Sunday? Yup you guessed it, a whole hog butchery class. There are some trends that I wish never happened and would just go away: skinny jeans and the duck face your girlfriend makes in […]

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More Food and Beer on a Beach – Vitoria, Brazil

The action plan after touching down in Vitoria, Brazil is the same every month and easy to remember. 1. Drop the bags at the hotel and change into shorts 2. Find the beach 3. Find a place on the beach that has beer 4. Find a place on the beach that has food. 5. Rinse […]

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When I moved to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle, I was happy about the wealth of division I football in the area. Sure, none of the teams in the area are national powerhouses (although UNC and NC State both broke into the top 25 rankings before slipping out) but they are big universities with big university […]

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Calle Ocho Festival – A Day in Havana by Way of Miami

  Calle Ocho is coined as being the largest Hispanic festival in the nation (although I would guess there are few Puerto Ricans in New York that would take issue with that statement). Calle Ocho is a one day festival spanning 23 blocks in Little Havana and is a way for Cubans to celebrate and […]

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This last month in the Persian Gulf has given me a lot of time to think. While deep subjects do sneak in there now and then, I like to try to keep it light. Lately I have been thinking about one of my favorite things in the whole world and probably a favorite to my Muslim […]

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