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Little Tree Farm Style Chicken Stock – Durham Farmer’s Market

There is no better way to start a weekend than with a trip down to the Durham Farmer’s Market. I really dig our small market and the opportunity to meet with local farmers. Early arrival is key if you wish to grab goods before pickings become slim. Making the trip early becomes difficult when I […]

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Chorizo,Chicken, Red Pepper and Broccoli Cream Soup

DURHAM FARMERS MARKET 501 Foster Street Durham, North Carolina Saturdays: 8-12 Wednesdays: 3:30-6:30   As often as possible I like to take advantage of the numerous farmers markets in the area. The ability to choose fresh produce and to meet the people face to face that grow them, motivates me to come home and whip […]

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Veggie Plater Dilemma

It happens every time, your having a party and instead of offering an all out meat feast you want to give your guest an option for some vegetables. In comes the obligatory vegetable platter. Well now the party is over and guess who is still hanging around? Yes the faithful vegetable platter and its sidekick, […]

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