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Puro Gusto – Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt Airport, Germany Location: Terminal B, Near gate 5 On my last stop before Trondheim, Norway I had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and stopped in Puro Gusto for a sandwich: Focaccia Spianat Sandwich : Pretty good, made with cured meat, spinach and a spicy sauce or mustard. They also had a bunch of other good-looking sandwiches.  After the beginning […]

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Matt’s Meatloaf Sandwich – Leftovers Done Right

When I think of meatloaf unfortunately the image of a huge, sweaty singer comes to mind. Once I move past that sickening thought, I see my one of my favorite meals (if done right). Whether you are someone who loves meatloaf (the food) or just the mention of it makes you sick, we can agree that […]

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Mozzapep Sandwich

As this week drags into Tuesday I think about the great weekend I had in Charleston, South Carolina. I am staying with a buddy from high school who loves to surf and he had been looking forward to the weekend and waves from Hurricane Bill (which was working its way north in the Atlantic). I had never been surfing […]

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