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SUPERBOWL IDEAS : Boiled Peanuts

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, all week I will be highlighting some ideas for your game day eats, here’s one: BOILED PEANUTS Many people north of the mason-dixie line have never had or heard of boiled peanuts. I would even say that many people in south aren’t very familiar with them as well. The practice of boiling […]

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Tan Chin Lee Sea-Fresh

We are starting to discover that we don’t have to trek all the way across Singapore for good food. Not too many tourist have reason to make it to the industrial side of town and all the local faces gave a hint that this place may be easier on the wallet without sacrificing taste.   My […]

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When I think of great ways to spend a weekday afternoon, many things come to mind. In general doing something new involving food is a winner and that is how I spent my Tuesday afternoon at the Crosby Fish and Shrimp Pier in Folly Beach, South Carolina. Trying boiled peanuts for the first time, ripping the […]

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