Grilled Cheese Bus

I always preach about how food ties us all together in everything we do so I wanted to pass on a great project that does just that. This program is something that inspires and gives youth life skills; supports it’s local economy and uses food as the cornerstone to tie everything together. Please read the following and consider a pledge to help these guys kick off something great:

It’s a grilled cheese restaurant on wheels, it’s a youth job training program, it’s a vehicle that supports the local economy and local food producers… it’s The Grilled Cheese Bus! We’re powered by community and fueled by YUM! The Grilled Cheese Bus is partnering with in an experiment in social entrepreneurship.


The Grilled Cheese Bus will serve up delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). We will use biodegradable paper, locally-sourced ingredients, and a bus that runs on biodiesel. Our youth jobs program will employ young change-makers and teach culinary, food service, and entrepreneurial skills through working on the bus, in the kitchen, and in the office. We will also teach financial literacy, Web 2.0, and marketing through a series of workshops combined with hands on experience. 

The Grilled Cheese Bus is a creative project that values people, the planet, and brings in profits that go to support projects that help the community. If you’re someone who values young people, who loves good food, and who loves to support creative projects, then consider supporting this endeavor to get us on the road!


In order to get this show in the road, we need start-up capital. Your investment will go to the following:

(1) purchasing the bus

(2) getting the bus in tip-top, road ready, sandwich grillin’ shape

(3) our kitchen equipment- grill, pots, pans, spatulas etc.

With your pledge, you take an active part in getting this project off the ground, bringing yummy sandwiches to people around the Triangle, and giving good green jobs to young future leaders.

Kickstarter is all or nothing. Your pledge will only go through if we reach our goal of $8,000, so you don’t have to worry about giving funds to a project that only raises half of it’s goal. Plus, when we DO reach our goal, you’ll get an awesome gift at whatever level you pledged!

To make a pledge click here

Please check us out and help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook

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One Comment on “Grilled Cheese Bus”

  1. Anonymous
    April 9, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    T – I LOVE this one! a great project and my all time favorite food. For your next food experiment put avocado, french fries and ketchup inside your grilled cheese sandwhich (thank me later!!).

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