Victoria Grill – Brazilian Churrasco Meat Battle

Rua Doutora Odette Braga Furtado, 150 – Enseada do Sua, 
Vitoria, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil
Phone: (27) 3345-0888  Website:

I am a big time meat lover so it doesn’t take a high IQ to deduce that I would love the concept of a Brazilian BBQ. What self respecting meat-aholic wouldn’t  love to sit at a table while the waiters keep visting them with grilled meat on a stick.

I was introduced to the Brazilian Churrasco about 6 years back in New York City and have been a few times in various places between Florida and New York City. As much as I love what goes on in a churrascaria I do not visit them regularly due to the fact that they are normally fairly pricey and you have to be in the right mindset before stepping foot into one of these meat heavens.

While I am at sea, I go  the whole 28 days without eating beef, partly because its normally cooked to the consistency of a used hockey puck and partly because I am convinced they are trying to pass old tired horse meat off on us. With that being said, once I step foot on dry land, I am usually looking to overdose on some red meat and Victoria Grill was right around the corner from the hotel, calling my name.

The meal started off with a Brazilian Beer that was new to me, Therezopolis Gold. Therezopolis is a nice crisp German Style Lager and it stood out enough to add another Brazilian beer to my “good beer” list. Once we had our drinks at the table, the waiters began the relentless meat onslaught bringing wild boar, sausages, lamb, chicken hearts, cheese stuffed filet and various cuts of beef.

In addition to the meat, they also have a nice four sided salad bar in the middle of the restaurant. I wouldn’t know much about said salad bar as I was so engulfed in Meat-fest 2012 that I never physically made it to the salad bar. I did get a  quick glimpse on the way to the bathroom and did see some sushi and seafood waiting for their chance to lure diners away from the oncoming meat. We ate until we could not take it anymore and the waiters seemed to beam with an evil sense of pride in seeing us throw in the white flag.

I recanted my call for mercy when they carted out the desert tray that boasted all types of cakes, pies and flans. Completely full, I let my greedy flag fly and went for the cheese cake. Although it was, awesome I could not finish it but gave myself a pat on the back for the effort.

I really enjoyed  my meal at Victoria Grill. It was nice to finally visit a Brazilian Churrasco in Brazil. I can’t say its the best Churrasco I have been to, but the meats were seasoned nicely and the meal definitely hit the spot.

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