Traveling to New Orleans with a Baby Sponge

serena devin airport

They say that babies don’t remember much of anything before the age of 2 or 3.  Its been theorized that a child Devin’s age (9 months) will lose memory of things he sees today but if that’s the case where do these memories go?  One look in his eyes and its evident he is actively processing information but what is he doing with that information? Is he forming opinions or prejudice, learning, sorting, gaining likes or dislikes? Even if he will not have memory of these events and interactions now I do believe what he sees now has an affect on how he views the world and his place in it later in life.

serena devin plane

As we planned our vacation to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival I had these questions in mind. I know my previous trips to the crescent city have always been like a full buffet for all of my senses to take in and I was excited to share that with my wife Serena and Devin. They would both be seeing, hearing and tasting the sights, sounds and flavors that made me fall in love with this city during my first visit in 2009.

On the morning we set to leave for New Orleans we all must have had a heighten level of anticipation as I woke up a few minutes before my alarm was set to go off and rolled over to find Serena awake, Devin soon began his call to arms.  We all got up and starting getting ready for the pilgrimage south. We dressed the little guy in his blue newsboy hat and New Orleans Saints onesie and packed up the car.

Going through airport security I am sure we looked like pack of gypsies, with a huge roller suitcase, baby stroller with a baby car seat attached, baby frontal carrier rolled up under the stroller, Kelty backpack baby carrier strapped to my back, Serena with a backpack holding my camera, lenses, and computer. We knew this trip in New Orleans would require a lot of moving enroute, while in the city and at an all day outdoors music festival, we know from experience that if the baby isn’t happy no one is happy and sometimes he requires a change of venue.

This is our second time traveling with the baby and I really get a kick out of watching his reactions to all of the people and the sounds. He seemed so interested with the ground when stepping onto a people mover, when strangers came up to talk to him he would smile at some and scream in the face of others, we realized sometimes when a cart went by with the beeping sound he would mimic the sound until it passed. So far traveling with Devin has been pretty easy because of the constant stimulation and information he is being fed. I many times compare him to the needs of a puppy chocolate lab, if you keep them busy and stimulated everything will be easy peasey, if not be prepared to have your favorite shoes chewed to a pulp. With the exception of a minor fit while descending to land in New Orleans the trip went smoothly and we began out 4-day adventure in New Orleans.



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