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More Food and Beer on a Beach – Vitoria, Brazil

The action plan after touching down in Vitoria, Brazil is the same every month and easy to remember. 1. Drop the bags at the hotel and change into shorts 2. Find the beach 3. Find a place on the beach that has beer 4. Find a place on the beach that has food. 5. Rinse […]

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Victoria Grill – Brazilian Churrasco Meat Battle

Rua Doutora Odette Braga Furtado, 150 – Enseada do Sua,  Vitoria, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil Phone: (27) 3345-0888  Website: http://www.churrascariavictoriagrill.com.br I am a big time meat lover so it doesn’t take a high IQ to deduce that I would love the concept of a Brazilian BBQ. What self respecting meat-aholic wouldn’t  love to sit at a […]

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