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Shelly’s on the River – Stamford Dining with a View

  Restaurateurs/Hoteliers Saad Akhtar and Shelly Nichani have been involved with the city of Stamford’s latest project, The Mill River Collaborative, since taking ownership and refurbishing The Hampton Inn & Suites in 2006. Situated on Mill River Street, directly across from the main park landscape of the newly developed Mill River Park, their 100 + […]

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Village Tavern – Getting Me to Eat Fish, One Dish at a Time

Last night I had chance to pause on the pork after spending the previous week in North Carolina and being caught in the middle of a pork shoulder throw down between my grandmother and sister. There was a clear winner (and loser) in this one, but in the spirit of not sparking WWIII in Durham, […]

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