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5 Key Steps to Running a Successful $25,000 Kickstarter Campaign

There are many factors that go into running a successful Kickstarter campaign. Many people don’t realize the legwork that goes into being successful in the crowd-funding game. There is a perception that once you go live the money will effortlessly start flowing in.  Watching Justin and Katie Meddis go through the process to fund their […]

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Salt and Sugar: Kickstart a Dream of Meats and Sweets

I first heard of Justin and Katie Meddis a few months back during one of my bouts of trolling the internet for all things food. I saw pictures from the Pop-up dinners they had been hosting in the area and when they were not throwing dinners they were carving up various beasts. I learned that […]

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A Girl With Rum and a Dream; Chez Moi on Wheels!

  The funny thing about chasing your dreams is its risky. Even more than the financial risk is the emotional risk and the risk of failure. At the end of the day isn’t that keeps most of us from following our dream? The risk of looking  silly, the risk of putting your true self on display at the […]

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