Since this is all about my favorite burger I have made a ratings system with things that are important to me in a tasty burger. I have also broken it down to three categories, with each burger spot I have visted with its rank and score:

 Fast Food – A bacon cheese (American) burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles onions and mayo from a national or regional fast food spots that can have a burger in your mitts in minutes.

Slow Food – Same toppings as above but I didn’t think it was fair to put fast food burgers against any place that has you sit down and wait while they take the time to craft a fine burger. It may be a greasy spoon or fine dining but I want to find out who makes my favorite burger

1. (85) Jackson Hole – Queens, NY (visited 5/28/2010)

Specialty Burger – When trying to find my favorite burger I wanted to use the same toppings to keep an even playing field but then I would be missing out on the imaginations that have yielded some great specialty burgers.

                                                THE RATING SYSTEM

THE BUN – I think this part of the burger is sometimes underrated; a bad bun can ruin the world’s best burger. A stale, dense or a bun that is too large for the burger is a deal breaker for me. My perfect bun is soft, fresh and toasted on the griddle with garlic and butter.

25% (10pts freshness / 10pts taste / 10pts toasted)

THE TOPPINGS – I can’t stand when a perfectly good burger is ruined buy a thick ass slice of tomato that looks like  it came off Old McDonald’s Farm last year or the bacon is nothing more than a piece of overcooked gristle. I am looking for fresh veggies, crisp bacon and fully melted good tasting cheese. For the specialty burger I like creativity and flavors that blend well and surprise at the same time.

25% (10pts bacon / 10pts cheese / 10 pts veggies) – for the bacon burger

25% (15pts creativity / 15pts taste) – for the specialty burger

THE BURGER – This is where the rubber meets the road, the perfect burger for me is a handcrafted beast, seasoned to perfection, cooked medium-well with hot juice oozing with every bite.

50% (10pts size / 10pts cooked medium well / 10pts flavor) 


1 Slap – Please, Aunt Nellie hits harder than that

2 Slaps – Nice try, take some lessons from your local pimp

3 Slaps – That may leave a mark

4 Slaps – Momma….are you bleeding?

5 Slaps – Get the smelling salt cause you just knocked momma out.


  1. JACKSON HOLE – A BURGER FIT FOR ‘GOODFELLAS’ « Toriano's "La Buena Vida" - July 2, 2010

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