THROWBACK THURSDAY: Dubai – The Las Vegas of the Middle East


Here is a look back of my time in United Arab Emirates City of Dubai. After being back home in the States for a few weeks, I had a chance to fully digest the contradictions and contrasts in the few days I spent in the city. Its been a full four years since my visit to Dubai and I wonder what has changed? What I do know is that the city
continues to grab headlines for its continued extravagant man-made islands and skyscrapers. The cities use of cheap labor under questionable conditions (largely from Asians countries) has also been a focus for many human rights organizations. Recently, the city was rated 22nd of the most expensive cities to live in the world, while also being rated the Best City to Live in the Middle East. Dubai seems like a great place to live…..if you have lots and lots of money

La Buena Vida

My last meal in Dubai at Trader Vic’s

It been over three weeks since I left the metropolis in the desert that had its beginnings as a small fishing village on the shores of the Persian Gulf. I look back at the pictures of all the things I tried to stuff into just a few days and I think about what someone on the ship told me when I said I was going to spend a few days in Dubai before flying home, “don’t bother, they have big malls, save your money and go to the Mall when you get back to the US”. I can’t stand people who live their life with that attitude. If I am already on the other side of the earth I plan to see, eat and drink everything I can and that’s exactly what I did (not necessarily in that order). I put in a good effort but…

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