Little Guy at the Little Gym (VIDEO)

Every week we take our little guy to The Little Gym where he can have time to run, climb, jump and interact in what amounts to a large padded cell. There are small lessons in every class, whether its learning a specific action of body control or words. We have been taking him for about a year now and outside of the obvious things like being able to walk and run we have noticed a lot of changes that we think have to do with the time he spends experimenting in a fairly consequence free environment. When we first started going he could be explained as shy and did not want to leave our reach when we would come to the classes. He would scream in any adults face that came near him. Now he engages the other parents in the class and wants to run off and do his own thing. We spend most of the class chasing him down and trying to get him to come back to the group but we just enjoy how much fun he is having.

When I got a GoPro Camera for Christmas I knew this class would be a perfect place to get his perspective. This whole video is filmed with the GoPro either strapped  to his chest or on the end of a pole. Enjoy a small look into Devin’s world at the Little Gym.

If you have an interest in letting La Buena Vida make a video of your child’s special day or moment please contact me at and let me know know how we can make a memory last forever. No idea is too small.

Note: I apologize if you are not able to watch the movie on a mobile device. There is a copyright issue with the song I used that the keeps the video from being shown on mobile devices. 


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