(Recipe) Beer Brats and Online Farmer’s Markets

Beer and Brats

If you check this blog out at all you are well aware that I am all about hitting up the area’s farmer’s markets and using the ingredients to make recipes. Now I am not going to sit here and act like I have been on farmer’s markets for years before it seemed like the cool thing to do. I am not going to lie; a couple of years ago, my idea of a farmer’s market was Food Lion. As far as I was concerned it was a market and they had shit that came from a farm too right? RIGHT! So what caused the change? Well I am also not going to besmirch myself and say its my desire to save the earth because I work on an oil rig and was rolling around in Florida last month in a gas guzzling convertible with the A/C on (true story) so I am not exactly a candidate for Greenpeace Man of the Year. The initial reason was 100% selfish, quality and taste. I started tasting how much better some of these local meats and fresh veggies tasted. My whole outlook on salad was changed after tasting and using the lettuce from Homegrown City Farms. I went from tossing as much crap as I could on a salad to make it taste good to standing in the kitchen feasting with my hands on greens from Homegrown with nothing but sesame oil, salt and pepper (the wife bore witness and can testify).

All of this does not mean that I think everything local is the best or even fit for human consumption. I ate a local muffin the other day that left me lusting for a box of Entenmann’s, but when something is good and local I am all over it. In addition to the selfish reasons it keeps local dollars in my community and goes to hard working people whom through our interactions I have become friends with and if it benefits mother earth you can call it credit for my other crimes.


Picking up my goods from the Bowen clan at Loco Pops

With such a public demand for local food new farmer’s markets are popping up all over the Triangle area and the country. I don’t buy all my goods from the local farmer’s market but every week I take a certain amount of cash to the Durham Farmers Market and take home some things I like and then pig out at a food truck while I am there. A couple of weeks ago I tried a new method to the area that worked great and one that I will use to supplement my intake of local goods, GoMarketNC’s online farmer’s market. There are a limited number of spots at our markets and GoMarketNC was created by Eric Bowen to give local growers another avenue to get their products to consumers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.27.56 PM copy

When I ran through the process I found it to be quite simple. Paid a $25 membership for the year, created a login and password, went in and browsed then picked the items I wanted by Tuesday night, paid and picked the items up Thursday at LocoPops downtown. We popped our cooler in the car and made it to LocoPops for our pickup before 6:30 (was running late so didn’t get to try the pops this time). While we were downtown we stopped in for the Downtown Durham Music Series at CCB Plaza and made a night of it (click here to see my post about Finding Your Cool Downtown).

The next day I used the kale to make some beer and brats with some other local tasties I had hanging around:

DSC_0004 - Version 2

4 bratwurst sausage – Firsthand Foods bratwurst sausages (Wine Authorities has a cooler called Pork Knox full of this stuff)

12 ounces lager beer – Fullsteam Southern Lager

1/3 lbs. red Russian kale (stemmed and rough chop) – Homegrown City Farms

Bunch of green onions

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon of whole grain mustard  – Little Tree Farm

3 cloves of garlic

Salt and pepper taste

DSC_0007 - Version 2

Pour beer into a large skillet or pot with the green onions, beer, butter and garlic then bring to a boil. Once boiling place sausage in pan and lower heat to simmer for approx. 10 minutes turning once.

Remove sausages from beer hot tub and place on a hot preheated grill. Grill over a high heat for about 5-10 minutes turning once.

Meanwhile mix the Worcestershire sauce and mustard to the remaining beer broth and season to taste.  Place the kale in the pan and toss for 3-5 minutes

Serve the sausage over a bed of kale

DSC_0009 - Version 2

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