Farm Meets the Sophisticated City Culinary Palate -JWKPEC Photography

enlightened grain jwkpec

So you think you need a state of the art studio to take professional grade photographs? Jason Kaumeyer of JWKPEC Photography gives us a behind the scene look at amazing shots taken in an apartment for his client Enlighten Grain Spirit’s flavored Vodka.

Four lights were used for these shots. One huge fill light, one “hair light” hitting the burlap and lavender, one strong source from directly behind the diffuse panel (white circle) to give the bottle its “glow” and strong side light overall, and one side fill from left.


The background is a combo of 2 photos that Jason took a long time ago in Chicago, with a view of the City from Lincoln Park. The lavender in the foreground adds to the farm appeal while the out of focus wheat in the background helps lead you toward the city.

No, you do not need a professional studio to take excellent pictures but a great imagination, firm understanding of lighting and good ole photoshop helps.

JWKPEC Photography that has been blazing their way through the Charleston food scene. Paul Cheney and Jason’s photos have graced the pages and websites of national publications like Food and Wine, Southern Living, Vogue and Bon Appetit. They have recently expanded to the Chicago area with plans to take the windy city by storm landing work with Chitown mainstays Landry’s and Harry Carry’s.


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