Bacon on Donuts and Chicken Fried Steak on a Biscuit means Good Morning – Rise

Rise - Mac and Cheese

For  four weeks the power of Facebook marketing showed its strength. With a simple click of a “Like” button, everyday I received two new pictures in my news feed from Rise – Biscuit and Donuts. One picture I received was their daily biscuit menu and the other, their fresh made donut menu. Every morning for 4 weeks, a donut and biscuit menu traveled from Durham, NC over 4,000 miles south to offshore Brazil to my iPhone. So when I landed at RDU from an 8 hour flight from Sao Paolo and my wife asked me what I wanted for breakfast there was only one thing that I could say RISE.

Chicken Fried Steak Biscuit

When we walked into Rise, I already felt like  a regular although I had never stepped foot inside this newly opened bakery. I looked up and saw menus that greet me everyday in Brazil. The two guys working the counter greeted me like old pals and one guy even gave me s**t for handing him a debit cards with the Patriots logo on it (haters gonna hate and ballers gonna ball).

Pig in the Blanket

My first impulse was to follow my inner fat bastard and just order every single biscuit and get after it. In an effort to not make my wife and I look like greedy slobs we zeroed in on three; Mac and Cheese, Chicken Fried Steak and Pig in a Blanket (all three pictured above in that order). All three were pretty solid and I have to give extra points for creativity because I have never seen mac and cheese with a strip of bacon on a biscuit. The combination were so good that you only realize how good the biscuit itself is as your scraping up the bits of biscuit that have fallen onto the wrapper.

3 donuts

Feeling we had already exceeded our morning caloric intake for we decided to grab some donuts to go and spread the gluttony throughout the rest of the day. The donut choices are creative and made it especially difficult to choose.

Maple Bacon Bar – was a must because you put the word “bacon” on a menu and a guy like me has to order it. I was not sure how I would feel about “bacon” on a donut but let me just say that it felt great.

Lemon Bomb – This donut was described to contain lemon curd and macadamia nuts. For some reason I have always disliked the word “curd” I am not sure why, it may be that it rhymes with “turd”. Anyway, I am glad  I looked past my own personal word issues and got this one. The lemon inside this soft donut was on point. Serena who usually dislikes donuts with fillings due to sugar shock noted that she loved this because the filling added a great flavor without invoking images of Wilford Brimley and his diabetes commercials.

Oreo Cookie – This is an oreo cookie deconstructed and laid out on top of a donut and pure genius.

Creme Brûlée – The thing I like about Rise is their ability to take some of America’s favorite desserts and fit them inside or on top of a donut. Its something that anyone can attempt but have you walk away feeling like your donut and idea of that dessert never met. This donut captured the idea of such an iconic dessert, a sugar crust outside that gives way to a soft donut and creme that greets your tounge at the end, fantastic.

Creme Brûlée

We walked away with some mixed emotions after our trip to Rise. Our ambivalence had nothing to do with whether or not we like the place but focused on the fact that Rise was clear across Durham. On one end we wished it was closer to our home so we could partake more often and on the other end knowing that being able to walk into this place on a daily basis would not do a favor to either of our waistlines and self esteem. With that said, I encourage anyone reading to embrace your inner fat bastard and head down to Rise and judge for yourself.

rise pop up

Rise normally closes at 2pm but today March 5th and tomorrow Rise will hold a Pop up Chicken Dinner with 20% of the  benefits going to SEED’s. The menu looks great and SEED’s is an incredible program. You can pre pay for both days in four different time slots while they last 5-5:30, 5:30-6, 6-6:30, and 6:30-7. They are to going to leave 7-8 open and walk-ins are welcome to come at any time but pre pays can just walk in, get there food and go.

Rise on Urbanspoon

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