Ok, listen up gents. Tomorrow is the big day, Valentine’s Day. For some it’s Singles Awareness Day and you have nothing to worry about. I am talking to that guy who is considering making reservations at Chez la la and doing what you do every year. Scratch that idea because I have the formula to make this the most Nookiefunktastic Valentine’s Day ever. Read this post, follow the instructions, turn on some Berry White and prepare to duck because lady undergarments will be thrown at you like an Iraqi reporter throwing a shoe at George W Bush. This is something I posted two years ago during my courtship of a young lady, since then we have gone half on a baby, so this stuff works….your welcome!!!

La Buena Vida

Valentine’s Day varies in meaning in different parts of the world, from Finland where they celebrate “Friends Day” to Iran where printing and distributing anything promoting the holiday has been banned because they feel it opposes Islamic values. That may be a nice little tidbit for those who go through the trouble of getting in a fight with your loved one on the 13th of February to avoid putting up the cash on the 14th, just change your name to Malik Shabazz X for a day.

This year for Valentine’s Day we decided that we were not going to go out and spend a bunch of money for dinner. Part of the decision may have had to do with the fact that we procrastinated to the last minute and probably would have had trouble getting a reservation anyway. Hibachi has always been a great date idea due…

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