Whole Hog Butchery at Yellow Wolf Farm / Part 2

This is part two of the post about Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop’s Whole Hog Butchery Class. To see part one of click here
DSC07837 - Version 2

As Justin previously explained, the group in the kitchen would start with the shoulder, the group in the dining room would handle the loin/belly and the group in the living room would be tasked with breaking down the ham. The teams would rotate to give each person a chance to run their knife across the whole hog. They worked all morning, learning to turn part of the shoulders to roasts, loins to porkchops and how to skin a ham. It was afternoon by the time both hogs were broken down. While the groups finished up, Katie had been in the kitchen preparing lunch. From the kitchen came a steaming tray of sausage rolls and mustard greens. You would be surprised how hungry you can get by watching strangers saw into bones and cut raw meat. The sausage rolls were long meatloaf-like rolls that were fantastically seasoned, wrapped in puff pastry then cooked to a golden brown, they didn’t last long.


The afternoon continued with Justin demonstrating how to cure pork belly with the purpose of making bacon. The curing process would take at least seven days and each participant would get to take some home and let cure it themselves. A sausage making demo took place next but I had to cut out early. A couple factors nudged me out the door before the class ended 1) watching people go all Jeffery Dahmer on a hog is tiring 2) I waited until the day before our first wedding anniversary to buy a gift 3)I was going back to sea the next day on said anniversary and 4) still had ninety minutes of driving to get home. In the name of trying to see a second anniversary I hit the road and headed for the outlet malls I noticed on the way there.

DSC07845 - Version 2

None of the 11 that took the class are ready to quit their day jobs and start slicing up pigs for a living. I think the class was a lot about simple awareness. Not only about what part of the animal you are consuming but also what goes into the final product before the meat ever has a bit of seasoning tossed on it. It is also about what goes into raising these animals and raising them the humanely. Most of the time we just see a piece of meat sitting on a bed of styrofoam wrapped in cellophane and give it no further thought, I do it all the time but plan to make some adjustments in 2013. I am by no means saying I am going to join PETA this year and start tossing buckets of blood on white mink coats but I am going to make an effort to know more about what slides past my tongue and build a relationship with the people who raise, grow and chop my food, I challenge you to do the same.



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