Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop – Japanese Chicken Dinner

Last Wednesday I had the chance to watch Katie and Justin Meddis of Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop host a five course dinner at the King’s Daughter Inn. Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop does not have a home in Durham yet, but that has not stopped Katie and Justin from letting Durhamites sample their culinary talents. This couple has been hosting dinners in the area and after viewing menus of past dinners, I knew this affair was something I needed to be involved in. The dinners highlight meats and crops from local farms and puts an emphasis on whole animal utilization. The theme for this meal was a Japanese Chicken dinner, tying  Japanese flavors to various parts of a whole chicken.

It was eye opening to listen to Justin talk about culinary tactics like marinating his chicken breast in Koji (a fungus used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine to ferment soybeans and also used in the fermentation of sake) then to taste it’s ability in tenderizing the meat he prepared for this dinner. To hear Katie’s excitement when showing me the ginger candies she made to garnish her ginger cake with miso ice cream dessert; displayed just how passionate this couple is about the dishes they craft.

All of the vegetables were sourced from Edible Earthscapes Japanese inspired crops, the free range chickens were provided from Fickle Creek Farms and the beer pairing by Durham’s own Fullsteam Brewery. This dinner highlighted Katie and Justin’s talents and ability to bring people together to showcase what local producers in the area have to offer at our fingertips.


1st Course – The Skin
Torikawa no Pari Pari Yaki to Mizuna Salada
(Crispy Chicken Skin and Mizuna Salad with Radishes,
Scallions and Yuzu Viniagrette)

2nd Course – The Breast
Tori Mune Niku no Shio Kouji to Takana to Gudakusan Rayu
(Salt Koji Marinated Breast with Mustard Greens and Sesame Chili Relish)

3rd Course – The Thigh
Nukazuke no Tori Momo Niku no Sots
(Thigh Sauteed with Rice Bran Pickles and Sake)

4th Course – The Bones
Tori Nanban Soba, Mitsuba to Nori Ae
(Chicken Soba with Mitsuba and Nori)

5th Course The End
Shoga Iri no Cake to Shiro Miso no Ice Cream
(Fresh Ginger Cake with White Miso Ice Cream)

I very much look forward to Rose’s having a brick and mortar so that I will always know where to find them, until then, If you want a chance to see Katie and Justin in action you can find them teaching a class on December 15th at Southern Seasons. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get a line on any upcoming events.

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5 Comments on “Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop – Japanese Chicken Dinner”

  1. November 24, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

    Track this couple down and treat yourself and friends to some fabulous food and a wonderful evening out. Well worth every penny!


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