Big City Sandwiches – The New Orleans

I caught up with Big City Sandwiches last weekend at the Durham’s Farmers market. BCS prides itself on making specialty sandwiches featuring farm fresh produce, homemade condiments and sides, fresh deli meats all stuffed inside local artisan breads. BCS niche is bringing unique sandwiches from various big cities to the streets of the Triangle. BCS is the brain child of fellow Nutmeg State native Laura Bonilla who after a life long love affair with food decided to flee cold Connecticut winters for the Carolinas and turn her hobby into a career.


New Orleans ($7.50) – Genoa salami, ham, provolone, olive salad, giardiniera ( italian pickled vegetables) pepperoncini and capers marinated in olive oil. When this sandwich first came out the window of the truck, to be completly honest my first thought was that I was going to be disapointed with this sandwich. At first glace I felt the sandwich was light on the meat. When I grabbed the sandwich to give it a taste, I was never so happy to be wrong. I assume because the way they sandwich was sitting and the mass of Giardiniera and olive salad the depth of the meat was hidden. Once I sank my teeth into this beast it was clear the little bit of exposed meat was the tip of the iceberg. The bread was great and the meat and toppings mixed together nicely to form a great tribute to the Muffaleta sandwiches I make sure I taste everytime I visit New Orleans

I asked owner Laura Bonilla, with so many great cities and the cuisine they are identified by, how does she narrow that down to a managable list and Laura replied:

I have about 30 sandwiches I’ve created and routinely feature about 12 that sell the best.  I only offer 5-7 of those 12 on a daily basis when I go out because I need a lot of different product to build each one and there is only so much room in the refrigerator.  I’m always making and testing new sandwiches at home and feed my friends and family then add one to the menu and see how it does with the public.

When I asked what her number one selling sandwich is she answered the Santa Fe ( Mesquite smoked turkey, pepper jack cheese, pomogranite pineapple salsa, lettuce on club with chipotle mayo) and after getting my first taste of BCS I am dying to try the Santa Fe. Speaking with Laura you can feel the excitement and passion she has for her craft

Although I’m really busy making the sandwiches and don’t have an opportunity to interface with my customers as much as I’d like to, I can hear comments and what I live for is the moment when that sandwich is handed over to the customer and I hear them say “Oh Wow”!  Their excitement feeds my passion to feed them!!

To find out where you can catch Big City Sandwiches you can follow them on twitter @BigCityNC or online at

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