Three years ago football season was starting and I was getting ready to head to the Middle East for a four month trip on the Maersk Arkansas. Before heading to the land of the pig-haters, I got in a last taste of swine. Enjoy a look back to September 13th, 2009!!!

La Buena Vida


Its that time of year again, the smell of fresh cut grass, that cool fall breeze and grown men ramming  into each other head first causing untold amounts of brain damage every weekend. FOOTBALL SEASON, our favorite stars will take a break from shooting themselves in the leg, running over people with $200,000 cars (while drunk) and do what they do best, cause us to go on a four month eating and drinking binge.


Yes FOOTBALL SEASON, many wives and girlfriends worst nightmare because they have to deal with the euphoria of the wins and depression that follows after a home team loss (and some of you ladies are more fanatical than us). It’s the time of year when old washed up high school and college stars (like myself) sit around with buddies and talk about that state championship or 75 yard touchdown pass. You may even hear that guy talking…

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