Ham, Swiss and Calvander Cheese Panini


501 Foster Street
Durham, North Carolina
Saturdays: 8-12
Wednesdays: 3:30-6:30

As often as possible I like to take advantage of the numerous farmers markets in the area. The ability to choose fresh produce and meet the people face to face that grow them, motivates me to come home and whip something up and here is what I made using local, Carolina farm fresh products.

Cheese: Calvander Cheese

Description – Inspired by Asiago.  Bursting with flavor, this cheese is wonderful shaved onto pasta, or just sliced with a chunk of  bread or an apple. Aged at least 7 months, made with raw milk.

Farm: Chapel Hill Creamery

Website: chapelhillcreamery.com

This sandwich is based off one of my previous posts about my visit to the Durham Farmer’s market where I made a chorizo, bell pepper and calvander cheese bread. After making the bread we needed something to do with it and it made perfect sense to cut some thick slices and make a panini.


2 thick slices of Chorizo, Red Pepper and Calvander Cheese Bread or your favorite

Grated Calvander cheese

Sliced ham

Sliced swiss cheese


Sriracha mayo ( mix one part sriracha hot chili sauce with one part mayonnaise

Soft butter

Set Panini press to medium high. If you do not have a panini press you can use a regular frying pan but use a second cast iron skillet or heavy pan to press on top.

Add mustard to a slice of bread then top with swiss cheese. Add the grated calvander cheese on top of the swiss cheese then a layer of Sriracha mayo. Top the sandwich with a layer of ham then the second slice of cheese.

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