Three years ago today I posted on this site for the first time. I like looking back and seeing what was going on in my life and what I was eating. So here is a look back at August 10th 2009

La Buena Vida


Well here it goes, my first blog entry about  food. As some of you may know,  my day job is as a sailor and I have spent countless hours looking out from the bridge of a ship thinking about food. Wondering things like “why I have never seen anyone fry ribs? How many things you could do with pulled pork? Or what places I want to eat at when I get home. It borders on obsession. The only thing that saves me from being grossly overweight is my metabolism and the fact that I TRY to stay active. After seeing examples of people out there blogging about food, I had something new to dream about (in between avoiding 800 foot tankers in the Mobile ship channel).  So here I am putting weeks of thought to action with grilled pizza.

pizza ingredients

I decided to do pizza because it was date night with the girlfriend, what’s more romantic than two people tossing cured meat on a piece of dough? I hate to admit it but I have…

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