Brown Sugar, Blueberry Craisin Pancakes


pancake mix

blueberry craisins


brown sugar

Make the pancakes per the mix’s instructions and add some blueberry crasins. Pour pancake on a hot buttered griddle and cook until just browned then remove from heat and set aside. Once you have cooked all of your pancakes add butter to skillet and melt. Sprinkle brown sugar over the skillet over a high heat then return pancakes (as many as your skillet can hold with each pancake in full contact with the skillet) and caramelize the brown sugar into the pancake on both sides.

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2 Comments on “Brown Sugar, Blueberry Craisin Pancakes”

  1. marilyn
    July 20, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    This is evil!! How do you not weigh 400 lbs???? I may have to go make this now………

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