Singapore to Mauritius: Good Bye Singapore

In the past year I have flown back and forth to Singapore so much that I was expecting the pilot to ask me if I wanted to sit in on this one. The feeling was bitter sweet because while I have grown comfortable with exploring the places and food of Singapore, the commute every four weeks has become exhasting.I had a chace to eat a lot and see a lot of Singapore and below are a few of my post from my time in Singapore:

Bayang / Balinese Indonesian in Singapore – My visit to a great restaurant in the Clarke Quay section of Singapore

Singapore Street Food –  Tasting some good Singapore street eats.

Chinatown Hawker Stand – One of my many trips to a hawker stand without getting sick the next day!!!

Shiraz Persian Cuisine – Persian food, belly dancing, Clarke Quay, how can you go wrong?

Tan Chin Lee Sea Fresh – Some great seafood and BBQ ostrich

Back to Little India – Some of the best pictures I took in Singapore’s Little India

Newton Food Center – Some great food and beer at this hawker’s stand

Marina Bay / Kinki – Singapore’s high-end Marina Bay and Kinki

Bugis Street Market – My day at Singapore’s largest outdoor street market

Singapore’s Chinatown – Food, cuban cigars and fine cognac in chinatown. What quaility city does not have a chinatown? 

Things You Shouldnt Do in Singapore – self-explanatory

Tiger Beer – YUM

One of the best parts of going to sea is actually being at sea and after a year in the shipyard it was nice to finally be getting underway. I was amazed at how  busy the Port of Singapore and the Straits of Singapore were. The voyage would take us west through the Straits of Singapore, through the Straits of Malacca and out into the Indian Ocean.

It was a bummer being at sea for the holidays but the catering department stepped their game up with this piggy piggy and some other tasties.

Sure going to sea back in the day was more mysterious and dangerous, you didn’t have ships of steel, GPS, or connection with home for years at a time. One thing that will never change is the day ends with the same sunsets early sailors saw everyday and the same sky full of stars follows.

Like most people, there are times when I can’t stand my job. Times that I hate having to pack a bag and say goodbye to everything that makes me comfortable for 4 weeks. Sometimes after 25 hours of flying to get to work I long for a  rush hour traffic crosstown trip. Some of the same reasons I hate going to sea are the very reason I couldn’t do anything else. There is a part of me that loves having a job that most people don’t and cant understand. The 25 hours of flying lands me in places that most only get to gaze at in magazines. The sun will never be able to set at home the way it does in the middle of the ocean where there is nothing else in sight. There is no better reminder to be thankful for the things and people at home than to have them all temporarily stripped away for 4 weeks and then handed back after stepping off a plane.

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