Turkey Pot Pie

I was traveling home from Singapore so I missed Thanksgiving but came home to two man-sized trays of turkey and other Thanksgiving leftovers. I was on the phone with my sister while in Food Lion when she started talking about turkey pot pie which initially made me think of that punk John Bender’s quote from the Breakfast Club “SHUDDUP AND GO FIX ME A CHICKEN POT PIE”. After I got past that I diverted from the beer section to the soup section. I grabbed a couple other things I needed for a pot pie and this is what I came up with


cooked turkey

chicken broth


onions and green onions (chopped)

fresh sage leaves (chopped)

cooked ham (cubed)

celery (chopped)

pie crust

puff pastry sheets

cream of chicken and herbs

cream of broccoli

carrots (chopped)

garlic cloves (chopped)

olive oil



In a large pot add chicken broth, water and left over turkey (turkey on and off the bone). Boil until the chicken easily separates from the bone. Drain, pull meat, chop and set aside.

Add olive oil and butter to the pot over med-high heat. Add vegetables and saute, adding some Worcestershire sauce to bring moisture. Add the chicken to the pot followed by the cans of cream and stir under low heat. Add some water if it feels to thick. Most recipes call for flour to be added so I added some House Autry Chicken Breader because it has a good flavor. Toss in the ham cubes and more water if needed. If too watery add more flour or chicken breader. Season with Cajun seasoning and garlic salt to taste.

Next scoop the turkey mixture into the pie crust. Top the pie with the puff pastry sheet, cut off the excess and poke four holes in the top so steam can get out. Brush the top of the pie with melted butter and put in a 415 degree oven

Cook for about 20-30,mins until the crust puffs up and is a golden brown color. Let stand for a couple of minutes then bask in your glory. Sorry for no measurements as I was in full wing it mode but I don’t think you can go wrong as long as you just taste it often and  adjust things to how you like it. I bought green peas but forgot to put them in. Then I got to thinking how I don’t even like green beans and who says they have to be in a pot pie anyway. IT’S YOUR THING, DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO.

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