I Recently watched the animated movie Rio and laughed my ass off. After my first day in Rio de Janeiro I can relate to that little bird. Although I travel a lot I always seem to be in a country where everyone speaks English and everything is written in english. The voice on the subway in Singapore only spoke English. This is not the case in rio. Cabbies and traffic here make NYC look like the teacup ride at Disney (for the record I have never been on said ride).

I normally don’t go to malls at home or when traveling but I did here because I needed long pants for my helicopter ride tomorrow and not speaking the lingo it was one of the only places I could get a cab to take me to.

So I ended up at the huge Barra Mall. After finding a pair of jeans that were not going to cut of circulation to the family jewels (skinny jeans are all the rage down here) I made my way to Vienna in the mall’s food court.

After exchanging various hand signals with my waitress I honed in on the word pernil on the menu because I knew it has something to do with pork and beer being a similar word to beer in spanish we were able to figure that out to.

The food at Vienna was a ok ( the broccoli dish was interesting) and that was fine because it was mall food and they had cold beer.




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