Bayang – Balinese Indonesian in Singapore

Chicken Satay, Sop Sapi (Indonesian Style Beef Soup), Rice in a Banana Leaf, Ayam Rendang (Chicken Cooked in Thick Coconut Gravy)

Clarke Quay, Singapore

This has been my best meal in Singapore so far. I did not think anything would beat Chong Qing Fish in Chinatown but today Bayang somehow did it. Everything on the table was a taste bud awakening experience. As someone who loves to cook, this is what I dig about traveling. When something hits my tounge and I feel like a door has been opened to a room I did not know what there.

What I ate:

Chicken Satay – This was two barbecued and skewered pieces of chicken that was draped in a sweet peanut butter sauce. This was incredible and had small pieces of crunchy peanuts in it. The chicken was tender and flavor penetrated deep into the white meat.

Sop Sapi (Indonesian Style Beef Soup) – The broth of this soup was great and not overdone. It had an almost flowery taste in the background that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. There were little bits of uncooked celery and green onion which added nice crunch and flavor.

Ayam Rendang (Chicken Cooked in Thick Spiced Coconut Gravy) – SHOW STOPPER!!! I was floored with the flavor that came from this dish. The gravy seemed like a tikka masala with some coconut milk in the mix. That flowery flavor also showed itself in this dish and it was almost like eating a small rose pedal lathered in a coconut curry….Amazing.

I have eaten the same old chicken satay before and I love curry but Bayang just raised the bar on how I expect both of them to taste. If food in Bali is anything like this I need to find my way there ASAP.

Clarke Quay

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