CURRY PUFF – A Malaysian, Singaporean or Thai version of one of my favorite things, the empanada. Empanadas were introducded to the region by the Portuguese in 1500s. These fellas were stuffed with curry, potatoes, chicken and some other veggies.

CHONG QING GRILLED FISH – I know the fishhead can be off-putting but the taste of this fish made it easy to look past. The dish bears the same name as the restaurant on mosque street in Chinatown. The charcoal grilled fish comes immersed in your choice of sauce (of course we chose spicy and numbing).This a centuries old dish that packs a ton of flavor but bring a sweat rag.

With the humidity in Singapore, the small flame under the tray of food and the spice of this dish we were pouring with sweat and the only way to keep up was to just stick paper towel on our heads so our hand could concentrate on shoveling more heat in our mouths.

Hotdog Taiwan Style Fried Dough – I got these at a place called Cake History in the MRT Station. The dough was so soft and a little sweetness to offset the salt of the dog.

A hawkers stand in Chinatown and a nice cold Harbin Beer. Harbin Brewing Company is China’s oldest and was founded by Russian citizen in order to supply Russians in China who were working on Trans-Manchurian Railway project.

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