A Girl With Rum and a Dream; Chez Moi on Wheels!


The funny thing about chasing your dreams is its risky. Even more than the financial risk is the emotional risk and the risk of failure. At the end of the day isn’t that keeps most of us from following our dream? The risk of looking  silly, the risk of putting your true self on display at the mercy of any all that choose to stop and look.

I love to see people with a dream and the cajones to chase it and that’s exactly what Rhonda is doing. I would love to see her join the ranks of great food trucks roaming Durham, so take a minute and read her note. If you have ever had a dream and regardless if you went after it or not, take a second and learn about Rhonda’s. If you like what you read head to her Kickstater page and help her dream become a reality: 

“Started in November 2005, Chez Moi is a specialty bakery which offers amazing spirit cakes to a small following during the holidays and throughout the year but needs to build brand awareness to better serve the local population. I would like to obtain a food truck to take to area farmers’ markets, festivals and city streets. You’ll find out our location by various forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, I did an in-store demo in a neighboring city. People from my city wondered why I had ventured away from home for exposure. By getting a food truck on the road, Chez Moi will gain additional customers which will propel this entrepreneurial endeavor forward in my own city.

The money raised will help pay for a basic food truck to begin this new part of Chez Moi’s history. Please remember that funding on Kickstarter is always all or nothing. If our project doesn’t reach its funding goal, we won’t receive any funds. BUT, there’s no limit to how much we can raise – projects continue to accept pledges for their entire funding duration. No backers will be charged until the project has been fully funded.

All rewards will be fulfilled in the form of a certificate you can redeem at the food truck or by mail for out-of-town contributors (s/h will apply).  For any of the rewards which include “cakes baked at your location”, you would need to be located within 30 miles of Durham, NC.  Sorry, we are unable to fill international orders at this time.

Thank you for reading about Chez Moi’s newest venture and thank you for your support!  Please share with your friends!”

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