1 8′ x 4′ piece of plywood

1 small can of primer

1 can of final coat paint colors

painters tape


1 small can of polyurethane

1 set of table legs

1 six pack of your favorite beer (suggest miller high life or support a local brewery. For me that would be Foothills Brewery or Fullsteam*

*soda or tang can be used if you are under the age of 21


– skill saw or table saw (if you have the plywood cut in half at the store you do not need these)

– electric sander (do not need if sanding old school, by hand)

– paint brush

– tape measure

Cut the plywood in half to make 2 - 8'x2' sheets. You can have this done when you buy the wood. You can also make one large table but the smaller is easer to transport.

Sand top and edges of wood while wearing an awesome t-shirt du rag


Next lay down a coat of primer and allow to dry to manufacturers specifications. When dry, add a second coat if required.


Lay down painters tape in accordance with you desired design. TIP: Be sure to press the edges tight so the paint does not leak under the tape.


Apply first coat of final color. TIP: Be gentle near the tape edges to avoid paint bleeding under tape.


After the first coat dries, add the second coat and color to your triangles. Add as many coats as needed until you have a solid color.


After paint has dried, slowly remove the tape to expose your masterpiece.


Remove the tape with one hand and hold the beer in your other hand to keep your balance.


Add your decals and slap a coat of polyurethane to protect your hard work. Allow to dry per instructions and screw some folding table legs on the bottom.

All you need now is some people and food, the following recipes go great with a little Beruit:

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