So far I am enjoying the little bit I have seen of Singapore but as the case in any foreign city there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Sure, there are the obvious things you shouldn’t do in Singapore like spit your gum in the street which is good for a $200 fine. Vandalizing cars can win you four whacks from a cane ala Micheal Fay circa 1994. And stay away from the Boom Boom Room, unless transsexuals are your thing (I don’t judge, I just pass the information). In addition to those obvious gems here are a couple to get the list started:



1. DON’T VISIT CHINATOWN ONLY TO EAT AT AN AMERICAN BBQ SPOT – This too seems pretty obvious and something I normally would not do but sometimes you just have to go to with the crowd and whine about it later. Maybe my bar is set too high since I live in the state that produces the best sausage and best BBQ (North Carolina) but this was no good. The sausages were skinny hotdog like figures, very rubbery and just strange tasting (sure enter your cat or dog eating joke here).  My pal Phil ate the pulled pork sandwich but after the disappointment of the sausage I opted out, but he reported it was dry. I heard the burgers were good and the route 66 decorations were cool.

You can just see the Hooters-less Hooters in to the right

2. DO NOT GO TO HOOTERS IF YOU ARE THERE TO SEE HOOTERS – We walked by and I saw wings but no Hooters. There are no less than seven species of owls in Singapore and not one was in that restaurant.

Bringing your own bottle is not allowed...all the rules are confusing here.

3.  DON’T TRY TO BRING A BOTTLE OF TEQUILA FROM ONE ESTABLISHMENT TO ANOTHER – This was frowned upon and our British friend for the life of him could not understand why. His remedy was “well then mate, I will finish it before I come in this dump then, bottoms up”. Also frowned upon is trying to chug a half bottle of Tequila in a bouncers face. He is well aware that he will have to kick you out later and will just save himself the trouble and not let you in

Well that’s what I got so far and as I learn the ways of Singapore I will pass the knowledge on.

Do eat the seafood.

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  1. Black_Dove
    April 2, 2011 at 8:03 am #

    My stomach is bubbling…gotta run mate!


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