Back of the Bus to Little India – Singapore

Some Indian grub at Al Musafir's restaurant outside the Mustafa Market.

Hearing that some people were heading to an Indian market named Mustafa Centre I figured it would be a good time to see what the Indian food is like here.  We hopped on a bus towards the tram system(MRT).  Although not usually my preferred mode of travel I do like to ride mass transit at least once in a foreign city.

On the bus near the shipyard

In such a multicultural city like Singapore you see all types of people and hear so many different languages being spoken. Mass transit also gives you a chance to see the city in a different way, the downside is you get to find out who hasn’t ran a wash cloth over their stink or who’s deodorant went on strike.

After reaching Mustfa center I broke from the group and found a place with a busy corner, Indian food and my new unofficial beer sponsor, Tiger. After passing on a few spots that did not serve beer, my location and food requirement landed me at Al-Musafir restaurant. I had the guy just toss a bunch of food on my plate so I am not sure what I ate but in involved mutton gravy and chicken that I sucked off the bone. It was hot, tasty and the Tiger acted as the perfect extinguisher. I just hoped that it it wouldn’t “come out tomorrow like a freight train with claws on” (as once stated by my english chum Simon.

A market in Little India


I was trying to take a picture of this kid while he was literally putting his mouth on the plate and shoveling food in. His little spare tire tells me this is how he normally gets down.

After walking every inch of the ship today I was content to hold this corner down and people watch. I felt blessed that my evening consisted of eating Indian a world away from my home while sipping beer, listening to my iPod and people watching.

Feet up, Tiger beer in hand, letting Singapore entertain me....I keep it simple

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One Comment on “Back of the Bus to Little India – Singapore”

  1. Anonymous
    April 9, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    you are always on the move and eating well…. what a great life, i love it, enjoy!

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