Surviving a 14 Hour Flight in Coach – ATL to Japan

as seen thru my iPhone

Atlanta, GA to Narita, Japan
6,800 miles
14 hours

( times are eastern standard)
1220 Wheels up
1230 Watching the town and trying to figure how my fiancé didn’t dig this movie
1345 Lunch:
Shrimp cocktail – smelled like low tide in the Bronx in August so I left that alone
Salad – it was green
Sliced beef w/ black bean sauce, vegetable and rice – was a bad tv dinner but I was hungry so it was awesome
Chocolate blonde brownie – was one bite away from losing a tooth in this and was hoping the tooth fairy made visits at 30k feet
1500 Watching Anthony B’s “No Reservations”
1600 Hungry again, the kid’s meal size meal they gave me earlier isn’t doing it
1700 My stomach now feels like it is digesting itself, reading a book about Carolina BBQ isn’t helping.
1730 Found a crushed up bag of cookies in my carry on, didn’t help the hunger but made a fantastic mess
1755 – Watching “Date Night” funny flick
1915 Mid flight meal:
Sliced cucumber and egg sandwich – after I got past the fact that it was literally smaller than this iPhone, I opened it to find it really only had a hard-boiled egg and cucumber in it. I scarfed it down with the apple and cookies and was just happy to tame the beast for now.
2010 Watching “Family Guy” – laughing my ass off,it’s the roadhouse episode and I think I am scaring the lil Asian fella next to me
2040 Watching “Robin Hood” w/ Russell Crowe, there is nothing like watching people lose life and limb to help a man forget he’s stuck in a giant pill with wings
2250 Sun is still out and I am hungry so I am reading
2300 Watching the.”Cleveland Show” and laughing very hard again
0001 March 16th now seeing the coast of Japan, lots of blue roofs but no sign of Godzilla
0015 Swiss cheese omelet with sausage, potatoes and fruit – by far the best meal of the trip
0120 Wheels down it is 1520 local time on the 16th

No one likes being stuck in one place this long but it went a lot better than I thought it would, mainly because I kept myself distracted. I did listen to enough Japanese announcement that I may be fluent. Don’t expect a play by play on the flight to Singapore as I plan to be knocked out

 Next stop…SINGAPORE, Konichiwa b&*ches

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One Comment on “Surviving a 14 Hour Flight in Coach – ATL to Japan”

  1. March 19, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    Live it up, you and your honey. I’m cheering for you like my favorite racehorses, only more because we’re humans, duh, LOL. “Family Guy” is awesomesauce! I’m weak just thinking about that ish, OMG!!!

    Ok, Eat, Pray, Love.

    Just have a f’n blast!

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