Marlin’s Sun Life Stadium

A Joe's Classic Peter Luger Burger and friends

Last month, Serena and I had a chance to visit a damn near empty Sun Life Stadium  (a place that has seen more name changes than Chad Ochocinco, Prince and Cassius Clay put together. Although this ballpark is home to one of my least favorite NFL Teams (Miami Dolphins) I always love coming to this stadium. It could be that two of my favorite movies were filmed there (Any Given Sunday and Ace Venture: Pet Detective), the 2 jumbo LED screens (2 of the largest in the world) or the excellent tailgating weather with the palm tree backdrop.

Before hitting I- 95 south towards Miami Gardens, we stopped at Joe’s Classic Market to grab some meat for our two person tailgate. Joe’s is my favorite Italian Specialty market and with affiliate stores in the Bronx and Staten Island, they definitely bring a little New York to South Florida (not to mention the Junior’s Cheesecake’s shipped from the Brooklyn in their bakery section). The butcher directed us to their store made Peter Luger’s Sauce Burgers then we grabbed a pack of Hebrew national dogs and were on our way.

When we got to the game we lit the grill up right away and got cozy with the Champagne of Beers. The burger looked fantastic on the grill with pieces of onion and green bits of parsley visible. The first chomp into this meaty patty was a memorable one and the way Serena’s eyes rolled up her head I thought she was about to have a seizure.

By the time we finished up and started making our way towards the stadium it was about an hour past the opening pitch. From outside the stadium one might have assumed a Spelling Bee was taking place inside because not a single sound was coming from the stadium. If I had not ever been to a Marlins game, I would have been shocked! Once we got inside the stadium to a sea of empty seats we realized, It would be a stark contrast to our trip to Yankee’s stadium which looked nearly sold out and the energy and aggressiveness was pouring over the rafters. The rowdiest people in the place was a groups raucous pre-teens from Camp Shalom which beats Vinnie Boombats from the Bronx calling everyone on the field bums and dumping his was Miller Light on your back.

Our seats were at the rail in right field and I believe the scarceness of human life in the stands gave us a chance to have two things happen that we had never done at a baseball game. First, in between innings we made it on the jumbotron. Serena never got to see herself on the screen because I was leaning over her while trying to get in the shot and she had no idea what I was doing. Second was to catch a baseball, which Serena missed as well while ducking and looked up to see I had a ball in my hand. Ok so it wasn’t a home run ball and just the right fielder tossing it in the crowd but I still had to beat some clown out to get it.

The warm Florida night air helped make it a nice evening at the park formerly known as, Land Shark Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Pro Player Park and Joe Robbie Stadium. The Marlins plan to have their own digs in 2012 and will no longer have to share with the Hurricanes and Dolphins.  We look forward to visiting this new stadium at the sight of the old Orange Bowl.

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