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When I set out on a mission to find my favorite burger, Serena adamantly suggested that I try Jackson Hole in Queens, NY. I was initially a bit skeptical because I know how New Yorkers can be, insisting (sometimes against all reason) that New York has the best everything. I would have a chance to put Jacksons Hole Burger to the test on the tail end of our road trip north to New York and Connecticut and it did not disappoint.

After fighting Friday afternoon, holiday weekend, New York traffic we pulled off the Grand Central Parkway towards Jackson Hole. We pulled up to the retro former Air Line Diner which has rested alongside Astoria Blvd since 1952. The old Air Line Diner sign still standing for sentimental value although it’s now run by Jackson Hole which has other locations around the New York metro area. We made our way into the aluminum railcar style diner and I took a last look at my car and hoped there weren’t any Henry Hill or Tommy Devito wanna-be’s to jack my car as was done in this very lot during the movie Goodfellas. When we got inside, my college roommate and his father were waiting for us with cold Heinekins and a plate of wings. The beer was cold and much appreciated after a day in the car. The wings were pretty good even though they did not have sauce. They had a nice seasoning and had a sharp crunch. And now let’s talk about the burger:

BACON CHEESEBURGER – $7.90  7 ounce burger including fries     ($18.05 per pound)

THE BUN (19/25) – The bun was a good size for the burger, nice, soft and fresh. It may have had a light toast to it but did not have butter and garlic I love so much on my buns.

THE TOPPINGS (22.5/25) – Crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, nicely melted cheese and three tasty slices of bacon

THE BEEF (43/50) –  This colossal 7 ounce burger isn’t pattied but slapped on the grill – a silver cone placed on top to keep its round shape and steam grilled.) I could tell this burger was constructed with quality meat. Although the meat itself tasted great I would have appreciated a little seasoning to meat.

FRIES – Mediocore steak fries which I didn’t eat. Didn’t see the point in wasting room with steak fries (which I don’t care for) when I had 7 ounces of beef to tussle with.

SCORE 85/100          4 Slaps on the “Slap Your Momma Meter” (out of five slaps)

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  1. Eric
    July 2, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    One of my favorite burgers in the city

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