Yankee’s Dirty Water Dogs – Memorial Day

Our Memorial day was an All-American day starting out by honoring those who defend our freedom at a small town parade then watching one of America’s most storied sports teams play baseball in the Bronx. When I was younger Memorial Day was just another day off from school and I didn’t fully recognize what the day was all about. My senior year of high school I made the mistake of being horribly hung-over and deciding the spinning room was not going to allow me to witness the parade that year. Words can’t explain the amount of anger and guilt that rained on me that day from my guardians (the Ready Family). At the time I didn’t understand the need for them to get so upset about me missing a parade. After attending a Federal Service Academy and having friends that are sacrificing time away from their loved ones to protect our way of life, I have a better understanding of why they were disappointed in me. Knowing that 18 year olds gave their lives on strange named islands in the Pacific to ensure Japanese would not be our national language and I didn’t have enough respect for that sacrifice to simply attend a parade and thank them.

Because I have been living in Florida this was the first New Canaan Memorial Day Parade I had been to in years. I was glad Serena was there to take in some small town New England (she would have a chance to show me some potholes and good food in her native Bronx later). It’s always nice to see the veterans walk by, proud, tall and to hear the applause they receive. One of my favorite parts of the parade is to see the old fire trucks that fought fires in the early years of New Canaan.

After the parade we made our way to the Stamford train station to catch a 1:00pm Yankees Game at the new stadium. When we stepped off the subway in the Bronx the first thing we saw was a pile of rubble where the old Yankees Stadium once stood. It was a bit strange because both of us had memories of going to Yankees games as kids and it was now just a pile of dust.

The new Stadium was pretty amazing and the selection of food and drink was staggering (in quantity and price). You can get just about anything you want to eat, pizza, Cuban sandwiches, Johnny Rockets, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Asian Noodle Bowl, Hard Rock, BBQ, a steakhouse and more. I don’t know about anyone else, but when Serena and I are at a baseball game we want two things, beer and hotdogs (if there is room for something more, great). A hotdog always taste better at a baseball game, even the ones that have been boiled in water (as Serena calls them, “dirty water dogs”)

Us and a Yankee Stadium "dirty water" dog

Memorial Day was a special day to be at the ballpark and the National Anthem was sang by a group called “4 troops” that is made up of four Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans. We got to hear standard New York baseball fans banter “look at this guy, he is an overpaid bum”, “hey sit down you jerk” and the faithful “if dis guy doesn’t shut his trap imma throw him a beatin” (still found it tame compared to my previous memories of drunk Yankees fans). On our next trip north we hope to hit the Met’s new Citi Field but will try to hits some parks while we are back down south.

Serena just wants the picture to be over so she can get back to that Carvel

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